Wednesday, 4 September 2013

"RIMAS Roland Teo challenges all insurers and brokers..."

An interview by Strategic Risk Magazine with Mr Roland Teo from RIMAS.
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  3. I believe one of the ways forward is for insurers, underwriters and brokers to actively engage risk managers. This can help them understand and appreciate how Enterprise Risk Management and Business Continuity Management help organisations effectively & holistically manage risk. It can be in the form of participation by insurers, underwriters and brokers in seminars, round tables, workshop and training on best practices (particularly in standards & guidelines like the ISO 31000 and ISO 22301) organised and led by risk managers.

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  5. "There is a need for an army of risk managers in every business"

    "Roland Teo, board member of the Risk & Insurance Management Association of Singapore, board member of the Pan-Asia Risk & Insurance Management Association and head of group enterprise risk management for a paper and pulp firm, believes human
    capital issues strike at the heart of risk management itself. “Having people on the ground who should be risk managers is important. There needs to be an army of risk managers in every business,” he says. “I
    know of companies already training
    people on the ground at our business, not simply in terms of health and safety, but in aspects of enterprise risk. “There is a need for this in businesses across Singapore. Everyone in a company needs to be a risk manager.”

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  6. RIMAS Breakfast Talk-Jointly Organized with Aon & ISCA
    (and Follow up of Previous ISO 31000 dialogue )

    Benchmarking Your Risks (Everyone is a Risk Manager Series)

    TripleOne Somerset Singapore | City Campus | 111 Somerset Road #06-06/07 | Seminar Rooms 6&7 | 21 November 2013

    A Practical Approach To The Future of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
    Update on global Enterprise Risk Management landscape for best practices (COSO & ISO 31000) and sustainability
    Insights on practical Enterprise Risk Management for organisations, where “everyone is a risk manager”, the NUS experience. (Dennis Lee, Chief Risk Officer, National University of Singapore (NUS) & Governing Council Member, Risk & Insurance Management Association of Singapore (RIMAS))
    An Update on the Risk Maturity Findings
    In collaboration with the Wharton University of Pennsylvania, Aon published in February 2013 the initial Risk Maturity Index findings. The publication focused on the correlation between financial performance and the level of maturity in an organisation's risk management strategy and execution. Our teams have now taken this to the next level and we will present the latest findings. (Eric Schaap, Regional Director , Aon eSolutions)
    Practical Experience – Hands-on Case Study
    With the basis of the previous 3 events in this series (which we will briefly re-cap), we will work in groups to set out the best risk maturity journey. Discussions in both the breakout group as well as the full attendee group, will result in actual approaches, challenges and ideas to contribute to the valuation of Risk Management within an organisation.
    You will take these discussions and the outcome with you to engage within your organisation.
    (Devan Balakrishnan – Moderator, Regional Director ERM, Aon Global Risk Consulting)

    08.00-08.20 Registration
    08.20-08.30 Opening - CEO, ISCA, Mr Lee Fook Chiew
    08.30-08.40 Welcome – 1st Vice President, RIMAS, Dr Roy Rimington
    08.40-09.20 Key Note: A Practical Approach to the Future of ERM
    09.20-09.50 Update on RMI Findings
    09.50-11.15 Workshop – A Practical Experience
    11.15-12.00 Discussion Panel – Revisit Key Take Away

    Complimentary passes for all RIMAS members
    Non- RIMAS members – Only pay S$50
    (entitled to a RIMAS ordinary member (if eligible))
    Total savings of S$125 ((entrance fee of $75 and annual fee of $50))
    To Register
    Send email with name, i/c number, designation, organization name, contact number & email address to Sandy Chen-
    Those paying S$50 will send cheque with the above particulars to the following address- (seats confirmation only upon receipt of payment)-
    Miss Sandy Chen
    c/o AIR office , Ins Communication Pte Ltd
    69 Amoy Street
    Singapore 069888

  7. Panel Discussion

    Roland Teo, Governing Council Member, Risk & Insurance Management Association of Singapore (RIMAS)
    Dennis Lee, Chief Risk Officer, National University of Singapore (NUS) & Governing Council Member, Risk & Insurance Management Association of Singapore (RIMAS)
    Eric Schaap, Regional Director Aon eSolutions
    Devan Balakrishnan, Regional Director ERM, Aon Global Risk Consulting

    Founding Board Member, Pan Asia Risk & Insurance Management Association (PARIMA)

    Tan Shuh Lin, Director, Head of Risk Management, Asia Australasia InterContinental Hotels Group

    Dean Kong, Senior Manager (ERM) , Changi Airport Group


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